If you have a good food recommendation in Taipei, let me know! 


TAIWANEATER will show you all types of food you can get in Taiwan as well as other helpful Taiwan tips for travelers.

The first time I went to Taipei, I only ate at touristy restaurants, fast food and at malls. I didn’t truly experience all the great street food and restaurants. So my initial impression of Taiwan’s food wasn’t that great.

The second time I went to Taipei, I had a friend bring me to all the amazing street food spots and I fell in love with Taiwan’s food!

Knowing where to eat in Taiwan can have a huge impact on your vacation. I’m here to save you time and review places with the best food in Taiwan, what to do in Taipei and the best places to stay in Taipei!

I’m currently living in Taipei so you’ll be seeing a majority of the reviews for the best food in Taipei and a lot of “okay” places to eat.

If you’re planning a trip to Taiwan, getting from Taipei airport to the city is easy with the airport MRT.

Getting around Taiwan is easy with the Taiwan High Speed Rail, Taipei Subway system, Taipei bus, Uber in Taipei and Taipei taxis are affordable and won’t rip you off.