Andantino Italian Restaurant Tamsui: 安唐帝諾 義式餐廳

Andantino Italian Restaurant Tamsui: 安唐帝諾 義式餐廳


Andantino 安唐帝諾 義式餐廳Review

Andantino is located in a very suburban part of Tamsui and shares a space as part of the Four Seasons condominium. FYI, it’s not officially related to the large hotel chain “Four Seasons,” just a local condominium.

Since it is a suburban area, the options for food are pretty limited. Luckily, Andantino is here…somewhat.

The Space
First off, this is a restaurant with a really high ceiling. They have a lot of space, and they use it well. They painted a blue sky with clouds and also have 2 chandeliers.

The seating is very comfortable. These are seats I’d expect to find in a nice cafe and it’s rare to find cloth armchairs in any type of restaurant. That’s probably because food can easily damage the furniture, but Andantino takes that risk for the comfort of their guests.


Not Required
In the works

The Service

There weren’t too many customers on a Sunday night. At one point my date and I were the only ones in the restaurant aside for the staff. The service was immediate, but lacked a welcoming atmosphere

The Food

I love Italian food and whenever risotto is on the menu, that’s what I get. I was surprised to see the had a risotto with Sea Urchin and cod roe, my expectations for a delicious meal were very high.

Pan-Fried Chicken Pesto Risotto NT$260

Rating 4/5
The risotto rice was a little hard and the sauce was more watery than creamy. I did enjoy the pesto flavor since it was clear, but not overwhelming. The chicken was cooked perfectly. Since it was pan fried, it had a cripsy texture on the outside while still juicy on the inside.

Urchin, cod roe cream risotto NT$290

Rating 2/5: I couldn’t taste any sea urchin and the cod roe was really hard. It gave a very grainy and unpleasant texture to the dish. The risotto rice was a little on the harder side and the sauce was more watery than creamy.

Would I eat here again?


The space is pretty comfortable and they have a pretty big menu.
My experience at Andantino wasn’t bad and I liked the pan-fried chicken pesto risotto. For me, this was RIGHT at the border of 3 and 4 stars, I rounded up because I would eat here again

Andantino 安唐帝諾 義式餐廳 REVIEW Menu And Additional Photos

Andantino 安唐帝諾 義式餐廳 Location

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