Best Desserts In Taipei

Taipei is known for food but not enough people talk about the dessert. This is the ultimate list for the best desserts in Taipei!

  • Tofu Ice Cream @ Soypresso. I like this tofu ice cream even more than regular ice cream! It’s not as sweet and just as creamy. I don’t even like tofu, but I love the tofu ice cream at Soypresso.
  • Hotteok @ Sammat. This fried Korean dessert is sweet, crispy and hot! I haven’t had anything like this before and it can be found in the very hip Shida Night Market area.
  • Baked Cheese Tart @ Bake Cheese Tart. This is a super good dessert. I don’t know what kind of cheese it is, but it’s not like cheeseburger cheese. It’s a sweet dessert cheese.

That’s just the list of things that are my favorites desserts in Taipei. There’s more local Taiwanese desserts that you can try while in Taiwan.

Traditional Taiwanese desserts can be served hot or cold depending on your preference. It seem strange someone would eat a hot dessert on a hot day, but when it’s really good people will do it.

From my favorite Taiwanese style desserts, I love the shaved Ice. In the Xinyi (Taipei 101 area), Ice Monster serves up Taiwanese shaved ice in HUGE portions.

I really mean huge shaved ice. This is too much Taiwanese shaved ice for one person. Even with 2 people, it’s too much. They only have one portion size because they make all the pre-made ice blocks very large so they can charge more.

It can be very sweet so a portion that large for one person would be dangerous. You have been warned food eater.

My go-to is the shaved ice because it’s super hot in Taiwan. There are boba shops on most streets but not all of them do ice blended.

Ice Blended Drinks In Taipei

  • I love going to Starbucks in Taipei for their yogurt frappucino. It’s very sweet but equally as delicious. A tall yogurt frappucino in Taipei will cost you NT$100.
  • Ten Ren Tea does “cooler” drinks which mean they are ice-blended drinks with tea and milk. Basically Asian Starbucks. I typically get their matcha milk cooler for a little caffeine kick and to stay cool for NT$60.
  • TKK Fried Chicken: They have sweet black tea slurpees! It’s only NT$40 for a medium and I grab one more often than I should…but that’s cause they are so refreshing.

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