Best Food To Eat In Taipei

This is a list of all the best food to eat in Taipei on your visit. It’s a compilation of street food, restaurants and desserts all rolled up in to one page to give you a sample of the best food in Taipei.

Taipei is not only known for it’s Taiwanese food, it’s a melting pot of cultures where you can get really good food from cultures from all over the world. In addition to Taiwanese restaurants, this list will include a handful of my favorites: Japanese, Korean, American, Mexican, Italian and Mediterranean.

This list of the best food to eat in Taipei is no particular ranking. It’s all the best food in Taipei that I would eat on any day.

  • Thai Risotto @ La Pasta. Super creamy risotto with a little kick from the flavors of Thailand. It’s a super rich taste with a little spice
  • Curry @ Tokyo Curry Bar. This curry is super smooth, thick, sweet and probably the best curry I’ll ever have. I’ve tried over 50 different places in the world and this one ranks close to number one (alongside Hinoya Curry)
  • XXL Fried Chicken @ Hot-Star Chicken. For only NT$70 you can an entire meal in your hand. The spices are hot and sweet making each bite an adventure. I don’t eat this often because it’s too delicious and you’ll gain weight so fast.
  • American BBQ @ Ed’s Diner. I love really good American BBQ. I’m originally from Los Angeles and it was rare to find a place that was anywhere close to the level of deliciousness of American BBQ in Texas. Well, I found something really close and it’s in Taipei!
  • Tofu Ice Cream @ Soypresso. I like this tofu ice cream even more than regular ice cream! It’s not as sweet and just as creamy. I don’t even like tofu, but I love the tofu ice cream at Soypresso.
  • Hotteok @ Sammat. This fried Korean dessert is sweet, crispy and hot! I haven’t had anything like this before and it can be found in the very hip Shida Night Market area.
  • Baked Cheese Tart @ Bake Cheese Tart. This is a super good dessert. I don’t know what kind of cheese it is, but it’s not like cheeseburger cheese. It’s a sweet dessert cheese.
  • BBQ Chicken @ BBQ Chicken Ximen. It’s super popular in Shilin Night Market, but very hidden in Ximen. The chicken is marinated, deep fried, grilled, then covered in a sweet BBQ sauce. Each bite is juicy and sweet! This is a great meal at only NT$75.

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