Best Street Food In Taipei

The best street food in Taipei can be a little subjective between locals and foreigners. Everyone has a different palette so in this Taipei best street food we’ll go over everything!

The Best Street Food In Taipei

  • Hsu-Ji Street Dumpling
  • Fuzhou Ancestral Pie (Pork Black Pepper Bun)
  • XXL Fried Chicken from Hot-Star Chicken

Taipei Street Food That Is Okay

You’ll find many street food vendors selling “scallion pancakes” aka “green onion pancakes.” There’s one place that does it amazingly in the Da’an area and most places do it okay. It’s very satisfying even if it’s not the best, the recipe is still pretty similar.

Taipei Street Food To Avoid

If you don’t speak Chinese, avoid places with no sign on them. But if you still want to try to food, confirm the price before making the purchase. It’s not common to get scammed in Taiwan, but it does happen.

Flamethrower Meat

As for street food to avoid, let’s start with flame grilled meat. For around NT$200 you can get steak cooked by a flamethrower.

It’s a food stall chain that you will find in many different night markets and in the Ximen area. I tried it and was severely disappointed.

If you’re a Mark Wiens fan, he tried it in one of his videos and said it was really good. I used to trust his opinion about food but he says everything is good and I know for a fact that I tried the same thing he did and it was not good.

For the flamethrower meat, a steak is cut up in to cubes, cooked by flamethrower and then seasoned. The seasoning is pretty generic since they throw it on after being cooked. There is no pre-cook seasoning or marinade.

The meat comes out overcooked and chewy. After a few pieces I completely gave up and threw out the food. I don’t like wasting money or food, but it was inedible.

The way they cook the meat looks flashy and will catch your attention, but it will be the biggest waste of NT$200 in Taiwan.

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