Taiwan’s Biggest Arcade: E7Play

E7Play is the best arcade in Taiwan because of it’s many activities and affordable rates. if you’ve ever been to ROUND1 Japan, it’s very similar with the type of activities, pricing structure and logo. There isn’t a ROUND1 Arcade in Taipei, but the next best thing is E7Play! 

E7Play Sanchong is located in New Taipei City and can be reached from Taipei Main Station/Ximen in less than 10 minutes by car. It’s the best place to hang out in Taipei when you have an early or late flight. You can comfortably stay here for hours playing games, hanging out in their lounge, watch a movie, use their massage chairs, gym and they even have a shower.

E7Play is open 24 hours and has 3 locations in Taiwan: New Taipei City (North-Sanchong), New Taipei City (West) and Kaohsiung. This review is of the E7Play Sanchong branch. I visited this place after an awesome evening of eating at Sanhe Night Market

E7 Play New Taipei City Arcade Features

  • Bowling
  • Karaoke
  • Billiards
  • Darts
  • Video Games
  • Comics/Magazines
  • Massage Chairs
  • Movie cubicles
  • Shower
  • Gym

E7 Play Ticket Costs

The official prices can be found here, but the E7Play website is only available in Chinese. I’ve created a translated pricing chart for your convenience. You’ll notice the difference is that I didn’t include membership pricing.

Since you have to go multiple times to get value out of the membership, I don’t think it would be necessary for tourists.

On a weekday, you could spend up to 5 hours hours at E7Play for a little less than $9USD. This is a great option if you have a late night flight and don’t want to get a hotel.

How To Buy Tickets at E7 Play

Just walk in. They speak a little English and you can tell them what kind of package your looking for (3-hour or 5-hour). You don’t pay until you leave so you don’t have to worry about that. The minimum charge is for a 3-hour block of time, so please keep that in mind when going to this arcade in New Taipei City.

After you buy your entrance tickets, HOLD on to them. You need those receipts to leave the building so they can charge you.

How To Reserve Activities

You’ll need to register with the front desk for the following activities: bowling, karaoke, billiards, darts, massage chairs and the movie cubicles.

If there is a line, they’ll give you a receipt with your number on it. It will say the initial of the activity like B80. The “B” will be for Bowling and “80” is your place in line.

Any time there’s an update to the activity queue, they’ll make an announcement for the current numbers. You can also find the current queue displayed on screens throughout the facility.

When it’s time for your reservation, you’ll be required to give them an ID card or passport as a deposit for the activity. So if you’re going bowling, you’ll still need to deposit your ID card and they’ll give it back to you whenever you feel you’re done. Since you definitely need your ID back, this is to ensure you tell them when you’re done with an activity so the next person can use it.

You’ll only need to deposit one ID/passport if you’re in a small group using the same bowling lane, billiards table, darts and anything else with shared resources.

Bowling at E7 Play Arcade

Bowling in Taipei’s E7Play arcade is pretty awesome since you get unlimited time on the lane (technically you’re still paying) and free shoes.

All the bowling shoe rentals at E7Play are free. They’ll have a sizing conversion chart to explain the size you need.

The shoe sizing chart through me off. I only know my shoe size on the US standard and they didn’t have a conversion for it. After looking at the chart for 2-minutes, I figured out all the bowling shoes use U.S. sizing so that made it really easy.

One-time use lockers are available for NT$10 if you need it. They “recommend” it for your shoes, but if you want to save NT$10 you can just take your shoes with you to your bowling lane.

The bowling lane computer is something you’d find in an old bowling alley in America. Everything is in English otherwise you can just start bowling.

Bowling balls are available throughout the alley behind the seating area. They have a bowling alleys located on B1 and on B3.

You’ll need to register with the front desk if you’d like to play.

Karaoke at E7 Play Arcade

E7Play has karaoke booths available for you and your friends to use. I’ve seen these throughout Taiwan and they’re pretty cool. From the outside, you can completely see inside, but the booth is somewhat soundproof. You can hear them, but the sound is very muffled compared to the volume that’s inside.

You’ll still need to make a reservation since they don’t have too many of these karaoke booths.

You’ll need to register with the front desk if you’d like to karaoke.

Billiards at E7 Play Arcade

Billiard tables are available on B2 and B3 of E7Play. The billiard tables and cue sticks are in pretty good condition.

The tables are long regulation sized tables so you can get the full experience playing billiards in Taipei.

There aren’t too many places in Taipei with pool tables, but that’s cause it takes a lot of space.

You’ll need to register with the front desk if you’d like to play.

Darts at E7 Play Arcade

Darts is a pretty popular activity in Taipei. You can find many bars and sports bars with dart boards in Taipei.

Darts is a game that doesn’t take up too much space so you can understand why many establishments prefer darts rather than a pool table.

The dart boards at E7 Play can be found on the B2 level.

You’ll need to register with the front desk if you’d like to play.

Video Games at E7 Play Arcade

They have a lot of video games from arcade style, console and activity based…and they’re all free! Well…I mean there’s no additional charge once you get in.

Activity based games like drums, ping pong and shooting can be found on B1.

On B3, you can find arcade classics like basketball, racing games, and console video game stations.

I was really impressed with the console video game stations at E7Play. They had very up to date game and they were games I’d actually play!

The arcade area isn’t too big, but you’ll have a lot of variety. Reservations are not required to play any of the arcade and console games.

Manga, Magazines and Relaxing!

On the upper floor of E7Play, they have a much quieter area where people can enjoy movies, read comics/magazines and relax.

The lounge area of E7Play is very open and relaxing. It’s not too loud, considering that on the other side of the wall is a bowling alley and arcade. You’ll still be able to relax and do some reading.

The magazines and comics available offer a huge variety. There are racks of comics right behind each other and you can spend an enormous amount of time just reading.

Massage Chairs at E7 Play

Massage chairs are free to use at no additional cost. Just sign up at the front desk and wait for them to call your number. The massage chairs at E7 Play were in good condition and you’ll need to take your shoes off before using them (it massages your feet).

Controls for the massage chair are in Chinese, but you can figure it out by pressing the big buttons.

Massage chairs are available in the open area or in the movie rooms.

Movies at E7 Play Arcade

You’ll need to sign up at the front desk if you want to watch a movie at E7Play. They have a lot of popular DVD’s available…I know, weird right? I haven’t seen a DVD in a long time.

The movie rooms are small 2-person cubicles with 2 massage chairs inside. You can choose to use the massage chair or just use the chair to recline and enjoy a movie/television.

If you want to watch a DVD, you’ll have to request it at the front desk.

Gym at E7Play

E7Play also has a gym! I was here to have a good time…so I didn’t go to the gym at this arcade in Taiwan.

Leaving E7 Play

To get out of E7 Play, you’ll have to pay your fee. Just take the tickets they gave you when you entered and bring it back to the front desk. Be sure to get there at least 10 minutes before you are actually planning to leave, in case there is a line.

If you happen to go over your designated time block by even 1-minute, you’ll be charged an additional NT$20 for every 30-minutes. So you’ll want to time your departures perfectly.

After paying, they’ll allow the gate to open and you can exit. Be sure to have cash ready! There isn’t an ATM here, but there are some at the nearby convenience stores.

Why Should you visit E7Play?

E7Play is the best arcade in Taiwan and it’s the best place to kill time and very affordable rates. If you happen to have a flight early in the morning or late at night, you can just hang out COMFORTABLY at E7 play, especially since they have showers.

You should also visit this arcade in Taiwan if you enjoy having a good time. With the amount and variety of amusement activities at E7Play, you won’t be bored.

Food and drinks are also available at E7Play. They have a few vending machines with cold drinks and cold milk peanut soup.

E7Play Location and Hours

  • Open 24 Hours
  • 3 Branches in Taiwan
  • Official Website
  • Sanchong Branch is closest to Taipei

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