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Foot Massage Taipei Review: 飛來發

By any night market in Taiwan or even by the popular Taipei tourist attractions, you will find a Taiwan foot massage spa. I’ve had a Taiwan massage before and it was extremely painful. But after a night of walking around Shilin night market, I decided to take on the foot massage Taipei challenge! I picked a Taipei Spa (飛來發) based on the Taipei massage price: NT $399 for 40 minutes. But! It’s not exactly that!

taipei foot spa 飛來發

The Taipei Massage Experience

“Taiwanese foot massage can be so painful that your ancestors will feel it.”
-Not A Real Quote

Taipei Massage Price

When I approached 飛來發按摩休閒會館 (foot massage Taipei spa) they had an extensive menu of different Taiwan massage combinations. Since we were here Taiwan Foot Massage experience, I went with their largely advertised Taipei massage price: NT $399 (US $12.65) for 40 minutes at this Taipei Spa.

Other things on the Taiwan massage menu included the head, neck and shoulder massages. A great alternative if you didn’t want to go for a Taiwan foot massage which many say can be very painful.

taipei foot spa 飛來發

Taipei Foot Massage Procedures

Upon walking in to the Taipei spa 飛來發按摩休閒會館 , you approach the counter and pay for the type of Taiwan massage you would like. I gave them the Taipei massage price of NT $399 for the 40 minute Taiwan foot massage.

Next, they told me to take a seat and change out of my shoes and into the provided slippers.

The Taipei foot massage includes massaging the leg calves so you’ll need to be able to roll your pants up to your knees. If you’re wearing shorts, you’re dressed perfectly for this massage. Wearing jeans? You need to get out those jeans and they’ll provide you clean shorts to wear.

Taiwan Spa Seats

Once your physically ready for the massage, they show you to a large comfortable seat. Some seats have TV’s for you to watch otherwise there’s a large communal TV available. At every seat, there was a basket for your belongings. You could safely store this basket under the table next to you.

FYI: There were many signs in Chinese and English saying that the Taipei spa is not responsible for any stolen belongings. You have to watch and protect your stuff!

taipei foot spa 飛來發

Free Wi-Fi is available! The TV isn’t very loud and you don’t have headphones so getting on the Wi-Fi was a more entertaining option for me.

At your seat, they have you dip your feet in hot soapy water for 10 minutes. This is part of your 40-minute massage. As soon as your feet are in, they start a 10-minute timer and show you for proof.

After your 10-minute foot soak is done, the Taiwan foot massage begins! From this point, you’ll only get 30-minutes of foot massage. They clean, scrub, massage and lotion your feet and legs. At first it was a little painful, but the Taipei massage masseuse was very aware of my pain and adjusted the strength of the massage to my pain tolerance.

At the end of the Taiwan foot massage, my legs felt very light and very clean! I felt refreshed and was ready for more walking around at Shilin night market!

taipei foot spa 飛來發

Tipping At A Taiwan Foot Massage Spa?

After the massage was completed, I was shown back towards the entrance where my shoes were waiting for me. I changed out of the provided slippers, put my shoes on and that was it.

I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to tip, but it didn’t seem like it. Most of Taiwan tipping isn’t expected otherwise they will already add a “10% service charge” to the cost.

At this point, there was no opportunity to go back and tip since I already had my shoes on. You can only wear slippers in the Taiwan massage area.

So it looks like you don’t have to tip at a Taipei foot massage spa.

Foot Massage Taipei Physical Results

Even though it was a little painful, at the end of the massage my feet felt very refreshed! It was a good break from walking around so I even recovered my energy. If you happen to be walking around Taipei and need a break, get a foot massage in Taiwan!

飛來發按摩休閒會館 Ratings:

  • Value 5/5
  • Service 3/5
  • Cleanliness 4/5
  • Experience 4/5
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