Fulong International Sand Sculpture 2019 Art Festival

The Fulong International Sand Sculptures 2019 Art Festival is only 1-hour away from Taipei by train and is well worth the journey!

Fulong 2019 Festival
This year’s theme: Atlantis

Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Festival Info

The Festival happens every year and uses new sculptures each year. Artists vary from local to around the world.

When is the Fulong International Sand Sculpture 2019 Art Festival?

The Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Festival happens every year from April to August. Fulong began the sand castle festival in 2008.

How do the sand sculptures keep their shape?

Once the sand sculpture is complete, it is sprayed with a chemical that hardens the sand. This helps prevent damage to the sculpture from wind and rain.

Recommended visiting Time For the Fulong International Sand Sculpture 2019 Art Festival

You’ll only need 1-hour or less to truly experience the Fulong sand castle festival. When you’re done, you can go relax at the beach.

Features Sand Sculpture at Fulong Sand Festival: Atlantis!

How To Get To The Fulong From Taipei

From Taipei Main Station, there are several trains every hour that will take you to Fulong Taiwan on various routes with prices ranging from NT$83-NT$128! Super affordable! You can book your trip to the best beaches in Taiwan using the official Taiwan Railways website.

If you’re taking the express train, be sure to reserve your seat otherwise you risk having to stand on the train.

I prefer taking the express train because you can reserve your own seat. Taking any of the local trains or a train without a reservation may result in you standing for the duration of your trip to Fulong Taiwan.

Entrance Fee to Fulong International Sand Sculpture 2019 Art Festival

The fees for adults (13-64) is NT$100.

Seniors and chilrdren younger than 13 tickets at NT$50

For groups of 20 or more, tickets are NT$90

Fulong International Sand Sculpture 2019 Art Festival Food

Even though the sand sculptures are incredibly detailed, beautiful and creative, the actual sand sculpture festival doesn’t draw many visitors. There were only 3 street food stands at the exit of the Taiwan beach sand festival.

Swimming and Surfing in Fulong Taiwan

When you’re done checking out the sand festival, you can make your way to the beach.

Beach Rentals At Fulong Beach

Beach chairs, tents, umbrellas and drinks are all available for rent at Fulong beach. They also have swimming and water accessories available for rent.

Further down the beach, you can find surfboard and wind surfing board rentals available on the public Taiwan beach.

Public beach facilities at Fulong Taiwan Beach

Fulong Beach Taiwan also has free showers and water near the bridge of the entrance to the sand sculpture festival.

What To Bring To The Sand Festival

Bring a good umbrella! It’s hot and sunny, so you want to have some coverage from the sun. A good umbrella tends to be stronger and can handle some wind. Be careful though, cheap umbrellas flip inside out and become a parachute.

Don’t drop lose your umbrella grip otherwise it could damage the sand sculptures.

Where To Cool Down In Fulong

It’s hot in Fulong. All of the facilities outside and on the beach don’t have air conditioning, of course. But right next to the beach you can find Fullon Hotel. I went here to grab a cold drink and cool down from walking around.

Where To Stay by Fulong Beach

Personally, I would only take a day trip from Taipei to Fulong since the trip is only 1-hour. But, I don’t surf or swim. If you’d like to get maximum time at the beach, you could check out the hotels in Fulong.

The nicest and closest hotel to the beach is the Fullon Hotel. I went there to cool down in their cafe and it was really nice.

Fullon Hotel