Grand Hotel Taipei 圓山大飯店 Review

Grand Hotel Taipei 圓山大飯店 Review


Grand Hotel Taipei 圓山大飯店 Review Review

Overall 4/5
The Grand Hotel Taipei 圓山大飯店 is…of course very grand! It’s the ONLY hotel in Taiwan that looks like a Chinese palace and was the first hotel in Taiwan.

If you want to just come in and check out the place, you’re free to wander around in the lobby or the 2nd floor. One the first floor there’s a cafe and restaurant (buffet). The 2nd floor has a few small shops.


As you walk around the Grand Hotel Taipei 圓山大飯店, it feels very fancy…in a good way. A lot of the entrances have these circular gates which look awesome.

The only thing about the Grand Hotel 圓山大飯店 is that it’s not that modern. But I guess there going for that old feel?

If you want to stay at the Grand Hotel 圓山大飯店, it’s going to cost you some cheddar. The parking lot had luxury cars so most visitors are pretty wealthy, but if you’re not you can still check the place out for free.

The views from inside, outside and of the city are very nice. Since most people staying here have money, they can take a car in to the city when they need to. For everyone else, there’s Uber, Taxi or the Bus. The bus stop is a 10-minute walk from the entrance of the Grand Hotel in Taiwan.


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I’m cheap so I just visited the hotel. For the price, it can be pretty affordable to stay here compared to other luxury hotels in Taipei, but that comes at the cost of inconvenience. By that I mean there are no convenience stores nearby since the area is pretty secluded from the city.

Grand Hotel Secret Slide

But, if you do stay here, you might be able to try the Grand Hotel Secret Slide! That’s the only reason I want to stay here! They have a big slide that’s use to help quickly evacuate the premium guests of the Grand Hotel (diplomats, presidents, royalty, celebrities, etc).

I’ve heard of people being allowed to check it out, but they keep the secret exit sealed. So, if you want to use the Grand Hotel Secret Slide in Taipei, you’ll need to stay at the Grand Hotel, ask nicely, slide down and then walk back up.

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