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Haircut Taipei Review: QB House

QB House is a Japanese haircut chain that has made it’s way to Taiwan. There are locations in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong. My haircut in Taipei with QB house was efficient, affordable and very modern! We’ll go over all the details in this haircut Taipei review of QB House.

Hair Salon Taipei: QB House

QB House is a Taipei hair salon chain serving both male and female clients for the flat rate price of NT $300. It’s very affordable so they have to work quickly in order to stay profitable. QB house is very popular for men’s haircuts in Taipei as well as women’s haircuts.

You can find the Taipei Hair Salon QB House all over Taipei. This review is at the location by Taipei Main Station, in the Eslite underground mall, K-Mall.

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QB House Hair Salon Taipei Experience

This was my first time at QB House so it took a moment to figure out how it works. At this hair salon Taipei, you need to buy a voucher from a vending machine for your haircut.

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After you purchase your voucher, you write your name down on the waiting list.

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Pricing: How much is a haircut at QB House?

QB house has a flat rate price of NT $300 per haircut. The price is the same for men, women and children. If they cut your hair and still want it a little shorter or adjusted, they will accommodate you.

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Pricing: Do you have to tip in Taipei for haircuts at QB House?

Nope. Since you purchased your haircut voucher from a machine, the employees don’t touch any cash. When you’re done with your haircut, they immediately call the next person for their

As an American, it was nice leaving and not having to tip! Good service with no additional obligation to tip is what I love about being outside of the United States.

Can you get a haircut in Taipei even if you don’t speak Chinese?

Yes! I don’t speak any Chinese. I just showed my hair salon Taipei specialist a picture of the haircut I wanted and he began immediately. Pro.

There were a few questions he had about the length. I wanted my haircut a little shorter and was able to communicate that without speaking Chinese.

So if you end up at a hair salon in Taipei, be prepared with pictures of the haircut you want. It also helps to have Google translate ready.

QB House Taipei Main Station Experience:

Once they call your name, you take a seat. They then put a soft cloth around your neck and the cover you with a cloth. Then, they ask you if the cloth is too tight or uncomfortable. This was a very considerate question because I have been uncomfortable with a cloth that was too tight or itchy in the past.

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You are then raised up in the chair to a comfortable height for the hair salon Taipei specialist and the haircut begins.

My haircut in Taipei ended up a little longer than I wanted and I explained it to the stylist. The barber happily complied with my request and trimmed my hair to my desired length!

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Cleaning Up At QB House Hair Salon Taipei

When my haircut in Taipei was complete, they brushed off all the loose hairs around my face and vacuumed my head for all the loose hairs. This was done extremely well and I left without any loose hairs on me.

The remaining hair that was on the body cloth was thrown to the floor and immediately swept into the cabinet. Inside the cabinet they have a built-in vacuum cleaner that just ate up all the hair that was swept towards it.

Extremely Clean Tools: Haircut Taipei

You’ll notice that all the hair cutting tools are very organized and cleaned. Everything that they don’t need is kept inside a cabinet behind the mirror to keep the area clutter free. It’s very aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

The combs, brushes and cutting tools are kept in a digital sterilizer that using UV rays to disinfect everything.

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Free Gift At QB House Haircut Taipei

Each comb is only used once per customer and then given to the customer as a gift at the end of the haircut!

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I was really impressed by the service and how clean the experience was. Typically, after getting a haircut, I have to go home and take a shower to get rid of the excess hair. After getting a haircut at QB house, I was so clean I didn’t have any loose hairs on me. I was wearing a white shirt and there was not a hair on it!

I typically wear a trashy old shirt when I get a haircut because I expect there to be hair on it when I leave. It’s also common for me to have loose hairs fall on my shoes.

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K-Mall (Eslite underground mall) by Taipei Main Station

Not having to worry about excess hair after a haircut was absolutely the best part. It did not interrupt my day at all and I was able to continue my day without being itchy due to loose hairs. I have never experienced a haircut as good as QB House.

I was also pleasantly surprised by how clean and sanitized they kept their cutting tools. The tools were so clean that I felt very comfortable and it relieved any apprehensions of getting a haircut in Taipei.

Men and women get their hair cut at QB House. Both at a flat rate of NT$300 per person. Doesn’t seem like there’s a time limit. When they finished cutting my hair, I asked them to make it a little shorter and they did it! They were very nice and polite the whole time and I experienced a level of service unlike anything in the United States.

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QB House Haircut Taipei Ratings:

  • 5/5 Service
  • 4/5 Value
  • 3/5 Hair cut
  • 4/5 Overall

The haircut turned out to be just “okay” but the overall service and experience brought up the score. I really loved not having loose hairs on me after a haircut.

After a haircut, I sometimes get loose short hairs stuck in the neck collar of my shirt. At that point the shirt is ruined because it will be forever itchy. Since QB House did such a good job cleaning up, I won’t be inconvenienced by loose hairs!

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QB House Address (multiple locations):

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