How To Get A Taiwan VAT Tax Refund

For foreign travelers making purchases of NT$2000 or more (US$64) in Taiwan, you can apply for a Taiwan Tax refund of 5% of your purchase. You must apply for the Taiwan VAT refund within 90 days after making your purchase and the purchased goods must be taken out of the country with you.

Taiwan VAT Tax Refund Purchase Details

If you’re planning on making any purchase of NT$2000 or more in a single transaction when shopping in Taiwan, be sure to bring your passport and ask for a tax refund. The store you’re making the purchase from will provide a tax form that they will fill out on your behalf. They just need your passport. Official details can be found here.

taipei tax vat refund document

Where Do I Get a Taiwan Tax Refund in Taipei?

You can get the Taiwan tax refund at the TPE Airport, Keelung Seaport or the Taipei Main Station Airport MRT desk.

The most convenient place is the Airport MRT station at Taipei Main Station. Just to the left of the In-Town Check-in Desks (next to Starbucks), you can find the Taiwan Tax Refund office. I purchased a computer in Taipei and the store processed all the paperwork for the tax refund online for me. Then they printed out the form I needed to submit to the Taiwan Tax Refund office so I could get 5% of my purchase back.

To get your Taiwan Tax refund at the Taipei Airport MRT station:

  1. Go to the Tax Refund desk (located between Starbucks and In-Town Check-in)
  2. Provide your Taiwan Tax refund form and your passport

That’s it. Within 2 minutes I had my Taipei tax refund with no questions asked. They didn’t need to see any details about my flight and offered the refund in cash (NTD) or back to my credit card. I chose cash for my tax refund in Taiwan.

Getting my tax refund in Taipei was super easy at the Taipei Main Station Airport MRT because there was no line. If you happen to be running early for your flight or if you just want to get your Taiwan tax refund immediately, you can go to the Airport MRT Taiwan Tax refund desk.

From the official sign:

E-Check in tax refund counter

Travelers, who depart from Taoyuan International Airport and have purchased goods that cost less than NT 48,000 (including tax) during their stays, are qualified to claim tax refunds at the tax refund counter on their Taiwan departure date. Such conditions do not apply to Tax refund claimed using on-site small-amount or designated Tax refund services.

Does Taiwan Have Tax?

Taiwan has a tax rate of 19%. A general tax of 14% and a VAT (Value Added Tax) of 5% to all purchases that can be refunded for foreign visitors.

Does Taiwan Have Tax Refund?

Yes, Taiwan has a 5% VAT refund for foreign visitors. You’ll need to make a total purchase of at least NT$2000 and bring your passport with you.

How do I claim my Taiwan Tax Refund?

You can claim your Taiwan Tax refund at Taipei Airport, Keelung Seaport or the Taipei Airport MRT Station at Taipei Main Station.

How much is Taiwan Tax Refund?

Foreign visitors to Taiwan can get a 5% refund for purchases between NT$2000-48000.

What is VAT in Taiwan?

VAT is Value Added Tax that is charged on all transactions in Taiwan.

How do you find out about your tax refund?

By asking if the store your making a purchase from provides a Taiwan tax refund.

Taiwan VAT Refund Conclusion

From my personal experience, a lot of the Taiwan VAT refund details aren’t verified. If you get your Taipei Tax refund at the airport MRT, they don’t verify if you have a flight departing on the same day. At TPE airport, they don’t verify if you got a tax refund and check if you brought your purchase. I’m not encouraging you to do anything illegal, I’m just saying the restrictions are pretty relaxed to get a 5% Taiwan tax refund.

It’s definitely an extra 30 minutes of work to get a Taiwan tax refund, but absolutely worth it. That’s the time you take to get your tax refund paperwork completed and to walk get to the airport MRT station to get your tax refund.

When shopping in Taipei, not all shops will provide a Taiwan tax refund, so you’ll need to check with the store before making your purchase. Many stores do advertise this feature and many don’t. Just ask!

Services like a Taiwan foot massage or meals are not eligible for a Taiwan VAT refund,

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