Jin Manyuan 金滿園

Jin Manyuan 金滿園


Jin Manyuan 金滿園 Review

2/5 Overall
I was excited to try the fried porkchop at Jin Manyuan 金滿園 because every time I pass by the area I see line of people waiting to get in to Jin Manyuan 金滿園! More surprisingly, most of the people don’t look like tourists which makes me think it’s a true local spot. Unfortunately what I got was mediocre food and bad service after waiting 20 minutes in line.

2/5 Ambiance and Value
Jin Manyuan 金滿園 is a no nonsense place where you sit down with strangers, clean your own table and get your own napkins. The service was pretty inattentive and sloppy. I’ve been to many places like this, but have received much better service. The prices are around NT$100 per item and I don’t think Jin Manyuan 金滿園 has English menu. I was going to ask, but the servers were very rude and were busy doing a lot of things.

Jin Manyuan 金滿園 definitely need to hire at least 1 more person for this place. There’s 2 servers that change between taking orders, moving food, cleaning table and working the register. This resulted in slower service, dirty tables and a bad customer experience.​

They gave us the wrong food at first and then they didn’t believe us. The server then went to get our order form to show us what we ordered, she was right though, the order was consistent with the order form…BUT it wasn’t our order form. It was the customers at the next table.

They gave us the wrong food at first and then they didn’t believe us. The server then went to get our order form to show us what we ordered, she was right though, the order was consistent with the order form…BUT it wasn’t our order form. It was the customers at the next table.

2/5 Fried Pork Chop
This was very disappointing. It looked like Jin Manyuan 金滿園 specialized in fried pork chops, but what I got was overcooked, soggy and lacked any flavor. I don’t know if that’s how they normally serve it, but this experience was consistent with the other customers I saw eating at Jin Manyuan 金滿園. Everyone was reaching for the pepper and other sauces to add to this flavorless piece of meat. I was hungry and had trouble trying to finish it.

It came with a bowl of braised pork rice (2% pork), vegetables and onions. It was weird that this bowl of rice appeared at the table 10 minutes before the pork chop.

3/5 Fried Chicken Leg
Not bad. This had some seasoning, a crispy bite to it and was somewhat juicy. The fried chicken leg was much better than the pork chop, but that’s cause the pork chop was so bad.


Not Required
Deep Fried Chicken Leg

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