Milan Italian Semi-Buffet 義米蘭淡水店

Milan Italian Buffet 義米蘭淡水店


Milan Italian Buffet 義米蘭淡水店 Review

I have recently moved to the Tamsui area and visited the New Square Mall which is walking distance from my place. Dining options at New Square Mall are pretty limited for a mall in Taiwan, and the mall is pretty small considering that it’s only 2 stories.

Around 11:30am on a Sunday, it seemed like there were more people working in the mall than there were customers. This made sense. With few customers, there wasn’t a need for a large mall food court. Considering that there are many high rise apartments in the area, most are empty.

I was in the mood for pizza and found this Italian place. The prices seemed a little high, but after taking a seat the waiter explained that it’s a semi-buffet! From the outside, it doesn’t look like any buffet I’ve ever been to before. It’s a “semi-buffet.”

The semi-buffet works like this, you order a main course and they come by every few minutes with dishes to your table. It can be various types of pizza, fried chicken and French fries.

From looking at the place, there isn’t much food sitting out. After taking a lap, you can find salad, ice cream, soup and drinks that customers can access. You just have to sit at the table. The staff will bring by servings of food and offer it to you. This is a very hardworking buffet for the employees. Every few minutes, another dish would be brought to the table and they would explain what type of pizza or other food they were bringing by. They would do this at every table.


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Boletus Mushroom Risotto NT$339
The risotto I ordered was just okay. I wouldn’t get it again. As a big risotto fan, this was just creamy rice with not much flavor.

They had other better looking things on the menu, but I went for the base level price for their semi-buffet.

Milan Italian Buffet 義米蘭淡水店 Menu And Additional Photos


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