Sh*tty Food At The Modern Toilet Restaurant

Modern Toilet Restaurant 便所主題餐廳 西門店


Modern Toilet Restaurant 便所主題餐廳 西門店 Review

Do you like themed restaurants? I do. Themed restaurants are always interesting at least once. In the past, I’ve tried a maid cafe, a prison themed restaurant, a robot restaurant, owl cafes, dog cafes and pet cafes. Unfortunately, not all of these are available in Taiwan, BUT Taiwan does have the MTR: Modern Toilet Restaurant.



As you would expect, it’s a toilet themed restaurant. You’ll see this in the seats, plates, food, desserts and drinks. It’s probably the cleaned poop themed restaurant you’ll find…there aren’t many others.

I’ve dined here several times, because when my friends come to visit me in Taipei, I surprise them with this place on the first night:
“Dress nice, we’re going to the #2 restaurant in Taiwan.”
The #2 restaurant in Taiwan, is sneakily accurate. Since in America, “#2” is in reference to going to the restroom it’s the perfect restaurant

I found one place (Art Toilet) in Da Nang, the name did not accurately describe the place. Maybe they were just referring to themselves having a toilet?

Dining At Modern Toilet Restaurant 便所主題餐廳 西門店


Do you need reservations to go to the Taiwan toilet restaurant? No. It’s a toilet restaurant. The demand is low. BUT, they do take reservations. This is especially helpful for large groups.

Have I made reservations here? Yes. Because I want to make sure my friends get the best experience. The best table at the modern toilet restaurant is a round booth seat decorated as a large golden toilet. There’s only of these in the restaurant so make a reservation in advance if you want the premium seat!

Order Minimum

You’ll need to order at least one item to hang out at this poop themed restaurant. If you want to get a dessert here, be warned, the shaved ice is massive. It’s a lot for 1 person so be ready to share it.

On The Menu At Modern Toilet Restaurant 便所主題餐廳 西門店

A lot of the food is just average. I’ve been here a few times with friends and have sampled a variety of their dishes. As you can expect from a poop themed restaurant, they don’t really focus on their food…or maybe the food quality matches their theme?

The food ranges from Western to Eastern. They have beef, chicken, pasta, sandwiches, Thai curry, hot pot and other similar food. I was surprisingly pleased with their chicken.

The Food

The safest and tastiest dish here (at least for me) is the Rosemary pan-fried chicken thigh (Steak Dish section) for NT$360. It’s actually really tasty: juicy, with light crunch and seasoning. I would come back just to eat this chicken.

Food at this poop themed restaurant is served as such. As you can see from the plates, everything is toilet themed from western toilets to eastern toilets (squat).

The set meals comes with a dessert and drink. The drink is served in a normal glass, but the dessert is served in a dish that looks like a sandal.

Well, it looks like a sandal if you’ve never seen a squat toilet before. But since this is the Modern Toilet restaurant, it’s really a tiny dish that looks like a squat toilet. They serve up chocolate ice cream on it…of course. The ice cream is not that bad.

The Urinal Beer Upgrade

If you order beer here, you can get your drink “upgraded” to a larger sized and it’s served in a plastic portable urinal. Don’t worry though, it’s new and hasn’t been used before…most likely.

I did upgrade my beer here once just to try it and that was a mistake. When you get the beer it’s served in a plastic “bladder” shaped urinal. I think it’s an actual medical device because it’s not a functional drink container.

When drinking from this urinal, beer easily spills out and onto your clothes. At the end of your meal, you get to keep the plastic urinal as a souvenir.

Luckily, I’m still pretty healthy and don’t need to use a portable urinal for many decades (hopefully), so I ended up throwing it away. I absolutely would not have ordered it, knowing that I would have an excessive amount of trash at the end of the meal.

If you need a plastic urinal [see on Amazon], by all means upgrade because it’s cheaper than buying online. For those of you that don’t, just order a regular beer to reduce the plastic waste.

The Restroom At Modern Toilet Restaurant 便所主題餐廳 西門店

None of the toilets in the dining area are actually functioning. Don’t be surprised when you go to the toilet restaurant in Taiwan and find out you can’t relieve yourself in your seat. Absolutely, don’t make a scene and ask for the manager to repair your toilet seat so you don’t have to get up to go to the real restroom.

I haven’t seen anyone do that, but it would be entertaining.

As for the actual restroom here, it’s exceptionally normal. After being surprised by the toilet themed restaurant, it’s weird that the restroom seems so normal. The restroom is modern though, it has a Japanese bidet seat and is pretty clean.

Modern Toilet Restaurant 便所主題餐廳 西門店 Menu And Additional Photos

Overall Impression of Modern Toilet Restaurant 便所主題餐廳 西門店

There’s actually a few modern toilet restaurants in Taiwan! In Taipei, there’s two! One in the Ximen area and another in Shilin Night Market. You can also find toilet restaurants in Taichung and Kaohsiung.

Overall, I’d rate this place 4/5 because it’s a unique experience with ok food. Even though the food is average, you’ll have more fun taking funny pictures and laughing. That’s definitely worth 4/5 and a visit when in Taiwan.

3/5 Food
5/5 Fun with friends

Modern Toilet Restaurant 便所主題餐廳 西門店 Location (Multiple)

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