Moving in Taiwan: From Taipei to Tamsui

For a total of NT$3000 (about $100USD), I moved my stuff from the East side of Taipei to the Northern side of Tamsui. The distance is about 30km (18mi) and can take about an hour with mild traffic.

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Price: NT$2800
Taipei to Tamsui
Overall: 5/5
Service: 5/5 (fast!)
Quality: 5/5 (nothing damaged)

Considering Moving in Taiwan Price/Time/Effort:

I was moving to Tamsui and had about 2 car loads worth of belongings. It would probably take 2 trips with an Uber, BUT that’s risky. You can’t just surprise an Uber with all your belongings to help you move. Plus, you might damage the interior of the vehicle which may cost you more money.

So I threw out that idea immediately.

I’m sure many people have issues with moving in Taipei cause a majority of people use scooters or public transportation. After a quick search, I found 康福搬家貨運有限公司 with lots of good reviews.

Getting A Quote

After a call to the moving company on a Sunday morning, they said they would be able to move all my stuff for NT$2800 with one moving guy. This is also after telling them that my stuff is located in an apartment on the 5th floor with no elevator.

They could even start the moving process in the next hour! I couldn’t actually meet them that quickly, so we started my Taipei move 2 hours after the call.

I didn’t expect to get a mover in Taipei that fast on a Sunday! That’s pretty good availability.

Meeting The Mover

The mover arrived in a truck. It wasn’t the type of enclosed moving truck you’d find in the United States, but more of a large open truck. There wasn’t a hard top roof over the truck bed, but there was a tarp to keep your things safe from the rain (and flying off the truck while driving). Luckily, it was a sunny day in Taipei…which is something you really have to appreciate.

The mover was an older man, probably in his 50’s. I estimated he weighed about 45kg (100lbs). He was very lean, wearing shorts and a shirt. From my initial impression of him, I thought it would take a long time to get all the moving done with most of the weight on me. I was very wrong.

The Move

The mover grabbed a large plastic laundry basket from the truck. Attached to the basket was a rope so the mover could hold it over his shoulder. We then trekked up the 5 floors to the apartment.

My initial guess was that we would take 3 trips up the stairs to get everything down to the truck. It was more like 1.5 trips.

As soon as we got to the 5th floor, quickly filled the basket with most of my belongings. I didn’t think the basket would be strong enough to carry it all, but it was! The mover didn’t just carry down a full basket, he even brought down another bag of my stuff with him!

This guy was super strong! I would only be able to carry less than half of what he was, while complaining the whole time. Come on, it’s 5 floors up!

While consolidating the remaining boxes, I was able to carry most of them downstairs about 2 floors when the moving guy met me in the staircase and then took care of the remaining boxes.

I was shocked at how fast and strong this guy was. If you judged this book by it’s cover, you’d be very surprised by the results.

Back at the truck, he secured my belongings and would be able to take 1 passenger with him to Tamsui. If you’re moving in Taipei, remember you get at least 1 passenger ride to the moving destination.

When we arrived in Tamsui, there was an elevator so everything was much easier. He placed my belongings on a cart and was able to move things into my new apartment in Tamsui.

The total cost was NT$2800 but just made it an even NT$3000 as a tip. He moved fast!

Overall Impression of PLACE REVIEW

My move from Taipei to Tamsui took less than 90 minutes. An hour of that was just the drive! I was very impressed by the speed, strength and immediate availability for the move.

Why did I move from Taipei to Tamsui?

I’ll have another post up soon fully explaining that. I’m working online and don’t really need to be in Taipei. I love everything that Taipei has to offer and I’m still only 1-hour away via public transportation to get to Taipei.

Taipei is an extremely expensive city for housing. I had a pretty nice studio/loft apartment for about NT$24000/month (US$800). In Tamsui, I’m living in a BRAND NEW 1bedroom/1office/2bathroom condominium (most furniture included), with a pool, hot spring, several KTV rooms, game room, gym and a really large garden all for NT$15000/month (US$500). So the price to quality difference was a HUGE incentive.