New Year’s Eve Taipei Guide: Fireworks, Drinking and Transportation

New Year's Eve Taipei Guide

Spending New Year’s Eve in Taipei is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. The weather is not too cold, there’s plenty of places to see the fireworks at Taipei 101 and it’s easy to get around Taipei

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New Year's Eve in Taipei Fireworks

It’s only rained on NYE in Taipei once in the past decade, and that was on Taipei NYE 2018. When it’s not raining, you can see Taipei 101 from almost anywhere in the city. The New Year’s fireworks are show off from all 4 sides of Taipei 101. If you can see Taipei 101, you’ll see the fireworks.

If you’re willing to bear the crowds, many festivities happen around Taipei 101. There are free concerts, shows and activities around Taipei 101 for New Year’s Eve.

Recommended FREE Locations For New Year's Eve Taipei

Pretty much anywhere you can see Taipei 101 is a pretty good spot. Within the city, you’ll find a lot of locations with “obstructed views” but the fireworks shoot out of Taipei 101 from all 4 directions…it will be easy to use your imagination. Check out these Google Map Links for the best viewing spots just outside the Taipei 101 Area:

These are all the best free locations near Taipei 101 to see the New Year’s Fireworks. There are MANY more nice free locations just on the surrounding streets. Taipei 101 towers over the city of Taipei so it’s easy to see. You can even get a good view of Taipei 101 from Songshan Train Station.

Celebrating New Year's Eve by Taipei 101

Road Closures For Taipei New Year's Eve

Directly under Taipei 101, will be completely blocked off for safety reasons. You won’t be allowed to directly stand under Taipei 101 during the fireworks show. You will be able to stand just about anywhere else! I don’t recommend actually getting too close to Taipei 101, because you’ll be craning your head upwards for the entirety of the fireworks show.

On New Year’s Eve in Taipei, the streets are completely closed to vehicles. You’ll be able to freely walk around on the roads.

Drinking in Taipei New Year's Eve

In the Xinyi Area (area by Taipei 101), there’s going to be a lot of parties to ring in the new year. Most NYE parties in Taipei in the Xinyi area will have a cover charge, averaging around $100USD. I’m not sure if you want to shell out that kind of cash to be in a crowded bar with slow service.

But luckily, this is Taiwan. In Taiwan, it’s completely legal to drink alcohol on the streets. Of course you’ll be arrested if you do anything illegal/irresponsible, so drink responsibly. There will be a lot of police patrolling the streets on NYE.

You can go into one of the many convenience stores (7-Eleven, Family Mart, Hi-Life) to purchase alcohol and drink it on the street. Some convenience stores even sell draft beer!

Pro-Tip: You can drink anywhere in Taiwan…but be responsible and recycle your empties.

Best Hotels For Taipei 101 Views

There’s a lot of hotels in Taipei where you can see Taipei 101, but the best hotels are the closest ones. The W Hotel Taipei and the Grand Hyatt Taipei offer the closest views you can get to the New Year’s fireworks celebration.

These hotels will also be hosting their own premium parties that you can attend without having to be a hotel guest. Naturally, that comes at a high price when you’re talking about New Year’s Eve in Taipei.

Where To Find Restrooms on New Year's Eve in Taipei?

So you’ve been drinking on the street now and you gotta go, luckily for you Taipei is amazing. There are no fees to use restrooms and you can find them everywhere! For New Year’s Eve in Taipei, the government brings out a lot of port-o-potties and places them around Taipei 101 for your convenience.

Additionally, you can find restrooms in convenience stores, hotels, subway stations (MRT), government buildings and the Taipei Convention Center. These facilities are open throughout the night for the New Year’s festivities.

Pro-Tip: Don’t relieve yourself on the street! Use one of the many public restrooms.

How To Get Around Taipei on New Year's?

Normally, the Taipei MRT will run it’s last train at midnight, but for New Year’s Eve it runs all night long! Unfortunately, it’s also crowded all night long. You can end up waiting over an hour just to get IN to the station. You might have a better chance using the bus, taxi or Uber.

Buses also run all night on New Year’s Eve that take you along the big city streets in Taipei. The bus only costs NT$15 (US$0.50) and it’s easy with and EasyCard. You just swipe the card when you get on the bus and again when you get off the bus.

Taxis and Uber are also available to use on NYE in Taipei. Taxis will be hard to get, but there won’t be a crazy surcharge like Uber. With Uber, expect rates to be 5x-10x the normal rates.

Luckily, Taipei is a very walkable city. From Taipei 101 to Ximen Station is an 80 minute walk. That’s not too bad. But if you’re super drunk, that’s an eternity.

What to do directly after the Taipei NYE Fireworks?

As soon as the fireworks are over, people will be leaving the Taipei 101 area. Within 15-minutes of the fireworks being over, the city begins clean up of the streets. It’s very organized and impressive.

If you plan on taking the MRT, it could take hours for you to get on one of the trains. I highly recommend walking, Uber or waiting out the crowds.

In the Xinyi area, there are bars and nightclubs. If you’re looking for food, many local restaurants and night markets will still be open in the area. The Lin Jiang Night Market is a 15-minute walk from Taipei 101 and open until people stop showing up. I was here at 2am and it was very busy.

Have a safe and happy new year in Taipei!