Semeur Bakery Taipei: Cream Bread!

Semeur Bakery 聖娜


Semeur Bakery 聖娜 Review

Semeur 聖娜 is a popular bakery that you can find all over Taiwan. They specialize in cheese pineapple cake desserts and cream bread. They still have a full selection of your bread varieties like most bakeries in Taiwan, but for this visit I tried the cream bread!

The cream bread at Semeur 聖娜 is located in the fridge because it must be kept cold. Okay, first time trying refrigerated bread but I’ll give it a shot.

For the cream bread, they had several flavors available: Milk, chocolate, strawberry and mango.

I went for the milk cream bread and pulled it right out of the fridge.

When I brought it to the register, they told me something in Chinese. I didn’t understand what they said and they switched to English. To the best of their ability, several employees helped me to understand the cream bread was on sale: Buy 2, get 1 free.

This kind of nice service is really common in Taiwan. Even though the business make more money from you not getting a deal, the employees will make sure you get the best deal you can. I’ve seen this many times in Taiwan and love how nice and considerate the people are!

4/5 Milk Cream Bread at Semeur 聖娜 (NT$58)
When I got home, I wanted to eat the bread right away while it was still cold. I sat down, took a bite and was like “Wow!” Since it was still chilled, it was like biting into a fluffy bread with ice cream inside. Since it was milk flavor, it tasted more like a light vanilla flavor.

4/5 Chocolate Cream Breat at Semeur 聖娜
Then I tried the chocolate cream bread and it was just as good! Not too sweet, like the middle point between chocolate ice cream and frosting.


Not Required

I was pleasantly surprised and haven’t really seen too much cold cream bread. The phrase “ice cream bread” isn’t exactly accurate since you just need to keep it refrigerated instead of frozen.

Semeur Bakery 聖娜 Location (Located all over Taiwan)

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