Songshan Cultural and Creative Park: One Piece 20th Anniversary

One Piece event at Songshan Creative and Cultural Park. There are lots of different exhibit halls with rotating exhibits, but I went for the One Piece 20th Anniversary event.

One Piece 20th Anniversary Event

The One Piece 20th Anniversary event was mostly a picture taking event with sculptures. There was some original art work and conceptualizations, but I was expecting a lot more.

The One Piece art exhibit was heavily advertised throughout Taipei in the months leading up to it. Upon arriving at Songshan Creative and Cultural Park, you could tell the advertising worked because there were a lot of people.

One Piece 20th Anniversary Photos

Everybody took very plain photos of them smiling in front of each art installation. That looked boring to me so I stepped it up several notches and tried to turn each picture into a story.

“Change, sir?”

I see why people like being villains, it’s a lot of fun.

“It’s over.”
Easy shot.

One Piece Augmented Reality App

After getting your ticket, they recommended that you download the One Piece 20th Anniversary App. I downloaded the app and it had 3 options upon opening it: English, Chinese and Japanese. After selecting English the app froze for me so I couldn’t experience the One Piece augmented reality fun.

I saw some people using it and then felt very okay about missing out. The AR app made the event more interactive, but it was like low quality clip art floating in front of you.

Exit Through The One Piece Gift Shop

Exiting the One Piece exhibit of course led you into the gift shop and snack bar. As you would expect, the prices were pretty high for One piece merch.

One Piece Snack Bar

I ended up going for Franky arms bubblegum Popsicle. It sounded better than it was. The taste was like watered down milk and bubblegum. It’s pretty hard to eat because of it’s shape. At NT$100 each, this was absolutely a rip-off. Damn pirates.

Also, this is Taiwan during the summer. If you’re not done eating a Popsicle in 3-minutes, it will be all over your hand as it melts. Have you tried eating a Popsicle quickly? It makes most people very uncomfortable to watch.


There’s more to Taipei than just the amazing food. The art exhibits and activities will keep you entertained when you’re too full from eating. If you need helping deciding where to stay in Taipei, check out my guide.