Taipei Airport Layover Guide: What To Do In TPE Airport

A layover in Taipei Airport is something you can enjoy if you know what to do in Taipei International airport. During your layover in Taipei Taoyuan International airport, there are plenty of places to eat, lounge, shower, shop, sleep and even get some exercise.

Taipei Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) is open 24 hours so you don’t have to worry about anyone kicking you out. Most stores are open from 7am-11pm but there will be vending machines and convenience stores available 24/7.

For exact up to date information regarding flights from Taipei International airport, please see the official website. Also use the Table Of Content on this page for easy access.

Pricing for food, shopping and other services are very reasonable at Taipei airport. There isn’t an insane price gouging that you I’ve seen at LAX and other airports around the world. You can get a quality meal at a very reasonable price. But let’s start with the FREE stuff!

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FREE Services and Things To Do in Taipei Airport:

These are the free things you can do during a layover in Taipei Airport.

#1 Free Airport Wi-Fi:

There is Free Airport everywhere in TPE Taipei Taiwan airport.

#2 Free Computer Usage:

If you didn’t bring your computer and want to use the internet at TPE Taipei Taiwan airport, you can use free computers on your layover in Taipei Taoyuan airport.

Terminal 1 Landside (public): B1 Food courd, 1F Departure/Arrival Hall, 3F Departure area
Terminal 1 Airside (restricted): 2F Transter area, 3F Departure area
Terminal 2 Airside (restricted): 3F Departure area

#3 Prayer Rooms:

Prayer rooms for your layover in Taipei are available for Islamic, Protestant, Catholic and Buddhist at Taoyuan International airport
Terminal 1 Airside (restricted): Gates A4 and B3
Terminal 2 Airside (restricted): Gates C1 and D7

#4 Passenger Service Vehicles:

Only available in Taipei International airport Terminal 2 in the departures area, you can request a passenger service vehicle. This is great if you or someone you know is traveling with mobility issues at TPE Taoyuan International airport, since walking can be extensive.

#5 Library:

There is a bookcrossing station (library) that is filled with all types of books from all over the world. Great for kids and adults.
Terminal 1 Landside (public): 1F South side of arrival area, inside the children’s play area
Terminal 2 Landside (public): 1F North side of arrival area
Terminal 2 Airside (restricted): Located by gates C5 and D2 (Mind Garden Airport Library)

#6 Breastfeeding Room:

A breastfeeding room is available in Taoyuan airport.
Terminal 1 Landside (public): B1 Food Court, 1F South Arrival area
Terminal 1 Airside (restricted): 2F North side of arrival area, 3F Departure corridor
Terminal 2 Landside (public): 1F North side of arrival area
Terminal 2 Airside (restricted): 3F Departure corridor, 3F on both sides of the immigration passport control counters.

#7 Children’s Play Area

If you’re visiting Taipei Taiwan airport with kids, they’ll have a lot of energy stored up. Let them burn that energy in the children’s play area of Taoyuan airport.
Terminal 1 Landside (public): B1 Food Court, 1F South side of arrival area
Terminal 1 Airside (restricted): 3F departure corridor and 2F Transfer area
Terminal 2 Landside (public): 1F North side of arrival hall
Terminal 2 Airside (restricted): 3F departure corridor

#8 Free Massages at the Lohas Massage Area

This is one of the best kept secret of Taipei Taiwan airport. There are free massage chairs you can use! I passed by and it has a coin slot so I thought you had to pay. When I read the sign, it said you can get tokens for free at the store next door. Of course this can only be used when the store next door is open. I saw this at 11pm when I was departing Taipei International airport late at night.

Terminal 1 Landside (public): 3F Departure Area
Terminal 1 Airside (restricted): 2F Transfer Area, 3F Departures Hall, Between Gates B7/B8, Between Gates A4/A3
Terminal 2 Airside (restricted): 3D Departures Hall, Between Gates C8/C9, Between Gates D1/D2

There’s also Kung-Fu massage, but you have to pay for that.

#9 Shower Room

If you’ve just arrived for a long international flight to Taoyuan airport, it’s probably been over a day since your last shower. Lucky for you, shower rooms at Taipei airport are available free of charge.

Terminal 1 Airside (restricted): 2F Transfers, 4F Departures (near Plaza Premium Lounge)
Terminal 2 Airside (restricted): 3F Departures area D near Information counter, 4F Departures next to China Airlines Lounge, Gate D1

#10 Accessibility and Wheelchair Services

Traveling with someone who needs a little assistance? Taipei airport has wheelchairs and staff to help assist anyone who needs it. Commonly, this would be disabled, elderly or pregnant women traveling through Taoyuan airport.

Located on the landside of the Departures hall, please see the airport service desk. If you want to make arrangements in advance, call up your airline carrier and they will be able to make the arrangements for your arrival.

#11 Movie Theatre

There is a free movie theatre in Taipei Airport. The movie theatre in Taipei International airport is also a great place to catch some sleep because they keep the room very dark.

Terminal 1 Airside (restricted): 2F arrivals area by gates A5/A6.

#12 Butterfly Garden

There’s a lot of nature themed lounges around Taoyuan airport and even better, they have a butterfly garden!

Terminal 1 Airside (restricted): 3F Departures area at Gate A4.

#13 Many Free Lounges and Rest Areas

After every 3 minutes of walking, you’ll find a free lounge to sit, hang out and charge your devices. The quality of Taipei Taiwan airport is much higher than many airports in the United States.

Taipei Taiwan airport creates many convenient places to relax with free lounges for all passengers.

#14 Gym

The Taipei Airport Sport park is a free gym! If you want to burn off some stress before/after a flight, you can exercise for free that the Taipei Airport Sports Park gym. Exercise is a productive way to spend your layover in Taipei airport.

Terminal 2 Airside (restricted): 3F Departures area at Gate D1.

#15 Smoking Lounge

If you need your fix for cigarettes or vaping, there are smoking lounges in Taipei Taiwan Airport.

Terminal 1 Airside (restricted): 3F Gate B8, 3F Gate A8
Terminal 2 Airside (restricted): 3F Departures Corridor Towards Departure Zone C, 3 F Departures Corridor Towards Departure Zone D

#16 Free Drinking Water (Hot and Cold)

Throughout Taoyuan Airport, you can find the water stations. It boils water to purify it, the dispenses it. Cold water takes time to generate, so sometimes they run out.

In the photo, my cold water is 44C (111F), hmmm hot and not refreshing.

#17 Art Galleries

During your layover in Taipei airport, you’ll find several art exhibit spaces.

Some of the art in Taipei airport will make you think…”Hey, that’s weird.”

#18 Tax Refund (Taiwan VAT Refund)

If you remembered to get your Taiwan tax exemption receipts when making purchases of NT$2000 or more, you can get a 5% Taiwan tax refund.

See: Taiwan VAT Refund Guide.

Paid Services At TPE Taiwan Airport

#1 Taiwan Post Office

On the land side (airport check in area, you’ll find a Taiwan Post Office Station. If you’d like to mail things like postcards from Taiwan, this is your last stop.
Taiwan Post Office Terminal 1 Location
Taiwan Post Office Terminal 2 Location

#2 Luggage Storage at TPE Taiwan Airport

You can store your luggage at Taipei airport via Left Luggage, Bonded Luggage or Lockers during your layover in Taipei airport.

Bonded Luggage: Luggage Storage at Taipei Airport

Bonded Luggage is located on the departures and transit area of TPE airport. If you want to leave your luggage airport without having to go through customs and security again, this is a great option.

The Bonded Luggage service at TPE airport is open 24 hours a day.

Up to 12 kgNTD$200
12–22 kgNTD$250
23–32 kgNTD$300
33–42 kgNTD$400
Over 42 kg and high
value items

Left luggage is available on the land side (pre-security) area of Taipei airport. and is operated by the Taiwan Pelican Express Company.

Terminal 1-1F

  • 09:00~17:00
  •  +886- 3-263-9972
  • Non-Controlled Area

Terminal 1-1F

  • 00:00~24:00
  •  +886- 3-263-1138
  • Non-Controlled Area

Terminal 2-1F

  • 00:00~24:00
  •  +886- 3-263-9372
  • Non-Controlled Area

Terminal 2-3F

  • 06:00~23:30
  •  +886- 3-263-1521
  • Non-Controlled Area
Lockers at TPE Airport: Luggage Storage at Taipei Airport

Lockers are available at Taipei airport in the public area of Taipei airport. Lockers are also available throughout the airport MRT and city MRT stations.

#3 Currency Exchange

You’ll need physical cash to use the Airport MRT train to get to Taipei Main Station (city). Bank Of Taiwan will be available 24 hours a day (certain desks) to exchange your money to New Taiwan Dollars.

#4 Life Insurance

Cathay Life Insurance sells life and travel insurance at Taipei Airport. I don’t really believe in insurance so I don’t use it personally. Medical, Dental and Vision care in Taiwan are very affordable.

#4 Cellular and Mobile Data

taipei airport wifi

Mobile data 4G SIM cards and pocket WiFi routers can be purchased at fairly reasonable rate from Taipei airport.

Sleeping in Taipei Airport

Sleeping in Taipei airport is very common among travelers. Some flights depart as late as 2am and arrive as early as 5am from Taipei Taoyuan International airport. These are the best places to sleep during a layover in Taipei airport:

#1 Landscape Lounges Located by Departure Gates (Air Side)

landscape lounge at tpe airport

If you plan on sleeping in Taipei Airport you could set yourself up in any of the free lounges. I found that the “Lanscape” lounges at Taipei airport have the most privacy and least amount of noise.

These Taipei airport lounges are tucked away and are not visible from the main corridor so most people don’t see it.

#2 The public lounges along the departure corridor (Air Side)

These lounges are easy to access but will have a lot of light and noise from other people. It’s relatively safe since it’s very public.

#3 At The Taipei Airport Lounges (Air Side)

If you have Priority Pass, you can access the lounges at Taipei airport for quiet and secure place to sleep.

#4 In Terminal 2 of TPE Airport At The Taipei Airport Hotel

Connected to the Plaza Premium Lounge in Terminal 2 Zone A, is a Taipei Airport Hotel. The hotel is inside the departures zone so you won’t have to go through security or immigration again if you’d like a room.

(see price)

#5 (Located Outside of TPE Airport) Backpackers Hostel

If you’re looking for budget friendly accomodations by Taipei airport, Backpackers Hostel is for you

(see price)

#6 (Located Outside of TPE Airport) Novotel Hotel

If you’re traveling with someone, it’s definitely worth checking out the Novotel Hotel right next to Taipei airport. It’s fancy and affordable

(see price)

Pay Phone at Taipei Airport

Taipei Airport Map

Terminal 1: Taipei Airport Map

This it the Taipei airport map for Terminal 1.

Terminal 2: Taipei Airport Map

This is the Taipei airport map for Terminal 2.

Taipei Airport Map Legend

Priority Pass Taipei Airport Lounges

There are many free lounge areas at Taipei Taoyuan airport, but those lounges are mostly comfortable places to sit with power outlets. If you want to step up your layover in Taipei airport experience to something a little more comfortable with food and drinks, you can check out the Taipei Airport Lounges for free if you have Priority Pass:

Terminal 1: Taipei Airport Lounges for Priority Pass
Terminal 2: Taipei Airport Lounges for Priority Pass

If you’ve used Priority Pass before, then you know how awesome it is! For those of you that aren’t aware, Priority Pass is an airport lounge access card that gives you access to many airport lounges around the world, some not so nice airport lounges and some of the best airport lounges in the world.

Personally, paying for Priority Pass doesn’t make sense since I don’t travel that much but it is a great benefit when you get Priority Pass for free with a Premium Credit Card.

These Taipei Airport lounges are also available if you’d like to pay for TPE airport lounge access. Prices can start at US$39+ depending on how long you stay in the Taipei Taoyuan airport lounge.

Premium Lounge At Taipei Airport: Huan Yu VIP Terminal

If you’re looking for a premium experience at TPE airport, Huan Yu VIP Terminal might be for you. The Huan Yu VIP lounge features:

  • It’s own customs desk for clearance in/out of Taiwan
  • VIP Reception with food, beverage and alcohol.
  • Private VIP room with TV and internet for 2-12 people
  • Conference rooms for small conventions with projectors and other presentation tools.
  • Gym
  • Massage Chairs
  • Shower/Restrooms
  • Spa (additional charge)
  • Valet Parking (additional charge)
  • Pick-up service to/from Taipei Taoyuan Airport
One Way Service(Departure or Arrival)NT$9,800
Round Service(Arrival + Departure)NT$15,000
Connecting ServiceNT$4,900
Accompany PersonNT$2,000/ 3hr

You will need to contact Huan Yu VIP lounge for reservations.

TPE Airport Food Court

Where To Eat at TPE Airport?

Taipei airport offers several food courts with a variety of things to eat during your layover in Taipei airport. Small food courts are placed throughout the Taoyuan airport for passenger convenience.

Taiwanese Restaurants at Taipei Airport:

  • Aoba Shokudo
  • KiKi Noodle Bar
  • Xiao Nan Men
  • Found Hong Danzi Noodles
  • Lin Dong Fang Beef Noodles
  • Zhuji
  • Hsinchu Hai Rei
  • Hung’s Delicacies
  • Royal-House
  • Wenzhou Big Wonton

Western Food in Taipei Taoyuan Airport:

  • D3 Bar
  • Pian Piano Italian Restaurant

Japanese Food at Taipei Airport:

  • Akakasa Ramen
  • Ichiban Ramen

Asian Restaurants at TPE Airport:

  • Gang Yuan BBQ and Dim Sum
  • Bistro: D
  • Liang Lian Hao x Vietnam Lee
  • Homee Kitchen
  • Mai’s
  • Halal-Middle East: Halal Kitchen
  • Lou Zhang Muslim Beef Restaurant
  • I-Mei Dim Sum
  • Sky Elephant Thai Restaurant
  • Homee To Go Halal Food

Cafes: Coffee, Juice, Tea and Drink Shops At Taipei Taiwan Airport

  • Jamba Juice
  • Juice Bar
  • Casamila Cafe
  • Dream Cafe
  • Starbucks
  • Coffeeや
  • Espressament Illy
  • Wing Cafe
  • D7 Bar
  • Godiva Cafe
  • Tai Cheong Bakery

Fast Food at Taipei Airport:

  • Burger King
  • McDonald’s
  • Mos Burger
  • Subway

Convenience Stores at Taipei Airport:

  • 7-Eleven
  • Family Mart

Shopping at Taipei TPE Airport

Shopping at TPE airport offers people a ton of variety at very reasonable prices. The shops at Taipei airport aren’t all high end Burberry shops, they are affordable stores with reasonable prices.

Toy and Games: Shopping at Taoyuan Airport

  • Wonderland
  • Kidland
  • Hello Kitty Gift Gate (Sanrio Store)

Clothing Shops at TPE Airport

  • Adidas
  • Puma
  • Gogo Sports Center

Jewelry Shopping at TPE Airport

  • Ever Rich Jewelry
  • Timepieces and Wristwatches

Local Crafts and Souvenir Shopping at TPE Airport

Aboriginal Craft StoreRoaming Taiwan
Ciao Taiwan ShopSan Tsai Tang
Emperor LoveShu Shin Bou
Formosa DelicaciesSunny Hills
Formosan AboriginesTaiwan Best Gifts
Hello HakkaTaiwan Good Gift Store
I-Mei Good Food StoreTaiwan Impression
Indigenous CreativityTaiwan Museum Shop
King Ping Best TeaTastes of Taiwan
National Palace MuseumTraveler’s Cultural and Creative Life
Pao Chuan Food CompanyVigor Kobo
Popular Local DelicaciesYUAN

Other Shops at TPE Airport

  • Pharmacy
  • Mind Bookstore: Get some knowledge!
  • iTravel: Selling travel products and electronics (cameras, video games, headphones, adapters)

Lost Something at TPE Airport?

If you lost something at Taipei airport, you can check their online Lost Item Search service to see if it was found. I’ve lost my wallet before in Taiwan or left behind an umbrella, I’ve always got them back with no problem. The lost & found in Taiwan is very honest and I hope international travelers are just as honest at TPE airport.

FAQ about Taipei Taoyuan Airport:

Can I sleep in Taipei airport?

Yes, you can sleep in Taipei airport since it is open 24 hours a day. Late at night, food will be limited to vending machines and convenience stores. There are also free lounges available for people to sleep and charge their devices.

Does Taipei Airport have showers?

Yes, free showers are available at Taipei airport:
Terminal 1 Airside (restricted): 2F Transfers, 4F Departures (near Plaza Premium Lounge)
Terminal 2 Airside (restricted): 3F Departures area D near Information counter, 4F Departures next to China Airlines Lounge, Gate D1

Does Taipei airport have free Wifi?

Free WiFi is available through out Taipei airport.

Can you smoke in the Taipei airport?

Smoking rooms are available inside Taipei airport and are located throughout each terminal.

Can I leave the airport during a layover in Taipei?

If your layover in Taipei airport is less than 4 hours, it’s not advisable to leave Taipei airport during your layover. For layovers in Taipei longer than 4 hours, you can go in to the city if you have a valid passport with 6+ months remaining on your passport validity.

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