Taipei Nightlife

For Taipei nightlife, you have plenty to choose from night markets, night clubs, bars, karaoke, board games and shopping.

It’s important to note that the last MRT train departs at midnight from the end stations. Between midnight and 05:00, you’ll have to use Uber, Taxi or a bus to get back to your airbnb or hotel.

Taipei City Hall -> Taipei 101 Area

The area between Taipei City Hall Station and Taipei 101 Station is the Xinyi area and the most expensive and high-end nightlife can be found here. If you like getting dressed up, this is the place to be.

Many tourists come to this area so expect to pay a lot for low quality food, drinks and service.

Zhongxiao Fuxing -> Zhongxiao Dunhua Area

Here you’ll find restaurants, bars and late night shopping. This is where you can find some of the best restaurants in Taipei and a few interesting bars.

Taipower Station

By Taipower station you can find several live music venues, late night food and several bars.

For live jazz, I like going to the Blue Note to relax and here great music.

It’s a short walk to Shida Night Market where you can find late night shopping and food.

Ximen (Ximending)

This is a very touristy area for it’s bright colorful lights and XXL fried chicken. You can find a lot of bars and restaurants open in this area until 2am. There’s also Party World which is open until 7am.

Party World in Taipei is a karaoke venue with alcohol and food. Party World in the United States is a store that sells supplies for parties. Know the difference.

My favorite bar for cocktails here is Geography bar. They charge about NT$330 per drink (with service charge) but it’s the smoothest cocktails you’ll ever have. I was incredibly impressed by their old fashioned and didn’t know a place can make that drink so good.


There’s a lot of high-end nightclubs and bars in Taipei, but the hard part is finding which are the quality ones.

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