Taipei Rainy Day Activities

It rains a lot in Taiwan and that can impact your vacation negatively, unless you were lucky enough to find TAIWANEATER’s list of Taipei rainy day activities. You can do a lot of indoor tourism in Taipei if you plan well.

Taipei City Mall

Located under Taipei Main Station, is Taipei City Mall. It’s one of several underground mall accessible by Taipei Main Station. The amazing things about Taipei City Mall is that they have a little bit of everything!

  • Massages
  • Fortune Telling
  • Shopping: Souvenirs, clothes, toys, kitchenware, electronics, anime
  • Play console video games for free
  • Arcade
  • Live Music
  • Caricature Artists
  • Shows (occasionally)
  • Restaurants
  • Desserts

At Taipei City Mall, just taking one-lap around the mall is a 1-mile walk. If you want to get some exercise without the people in the way, make your way over to the airport MRT.

You can get uninterrupted exercise walking between Beimen Station and the Airport MRT.

Full Access To Taipei 101 From Taipei Main Station

If you’re walking around Taipei City mall and want to go to the Taipei 101 area, you can take the red line at Taipei Main Station to Taipei 101 Station. There’s an underground entrance to the station so you can make it from Taipei Main Station to Taipei 101 without even getting wet.

At Taipei 101, you can:

  • Go up to the observatory
  • Drink at the highest Starbucks in Asia
  • Shop at the most expensive stores in Taiwan
  • Eat at restaurants for all budgets

Taipei 101 To Taipei City Hall

There’s a walking path on the 2nd floor of the mall that will take you all the way from Taipei 101 to Taipei City Hall without getting wet. Here, you have access to all the malls between the stations.

Taipei Sports Center

You can spend hours at any of the Taipei Sports Centers! Each Taipei Sports center has a lot to offer from rock climbing, badminton (extremely popular), basketball, archery, golf, swimming, aerobics, yoga, fitness classes, billiards, table tennis and more. You’ll only find locals here and all the signs are in Chinese, but if you make it in you’ll get a good workout!

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