Taipei Transportation Guide

Taipei MRT

Taipei MRT Operating Hours

  • [06:00 – 00:00] The last MRT trains depart around midnight from the last stations. That means you can still catch train at Taipei Main Station around 00:15 but it’s risky!

Taipei MRT Fares

Fares start at NT$20 for the Taipei MRT. But if you are using an EasyCard, you get 20% off your rides so the price starts at NT$16 per ride. Rides are based on how far you are traveling between stations

Taipei Bus

How Much Is The Taipei Bus?

The Taipei bus costs NT$15 to use and can take you all over the city.

How To Find Your Taipei Bus?

Most bus stops have a digital display that tells you when and which Taipei bus will arrive.

To use the Taipei bus, you will have to wait at a bus stop. When you see your bus, you HAVE TO waive to it otherwise it may not stop.

Since bus stops typically are for multiple buses, the driver will assume you are waiting for a different bus.

How To Use The Bus In Taipei?

When you board the bus, you will have to scan your EasyCard at the terminal located at the front or middle of the bus. When you disembark, you will have to scan your EasyCard again.

This new rule for using the Taipei bus became available on July 1, 2019 to make using the bus in Taipei a more consistent experience.

Uber Taiwan

Where is Uber available in Taiwan?

Uber is available in Taipei, Taoyuan, Taichung, Tainan, Kaoshiung and a few other parts of Taiwan.

How is Uber in Taiwan?

My experience with Uber in Taiwan has been extremely positive. All the drivers are polite, patient, try to make small talk in English (I can’t speak Chinese) and the cars are extremely clean.

Most drivers use rental cars to drive for Uber. When this is done, Uber e-mails you before your ride so you have that information before getting in the car. This is to ensure you have a safe Uber experience in Taiwan.

Is Uber legal in Taiwan?

Uber is legal in Taiwan and has been available for several years. It is well regulated with the government to ensure everyone has a safe experience.

Can I pay cash for Uber in Taiwan?

No. You cannot pay for Uber with cash in Taiwan. If you need to pay in cash, ordering a metered taxi via the Uber app is an option.

Does Kaohsiung have Uber?

Uber is available in Kaohsiung.

Do you tip Uber in Taiwan?

You are not required to tip Uber in Taiwan. Tipping is not expected in Taiwan and in the Taiwan Uber app an option for tipping is not available.

Is Uber Than A Taxi In Taiwan?

Yes, Uber in Taiwan is cheaper than a taxi by about 20%. This of course is only where there isn’t surcharge pricing.

Although Uber and a Taxi are about the same price from Taipei airport to the city.

Taipei Taxi

Taxi in Taipei

Using a taxi in Taipei is safe, reliable and abundant. You can find taxis at almost any Taipei MRT station to connect you to other parts of Taipei or you can just hail a Taipei taxi right on the street.

Taipei Taxi Fare

The Taipei taxi fare for most rides in the city are less than NT$200. That’s about a 20-minute ride in the city going 10km.

Is taxi expensive in Taiwan?

Taxis are not expensive in Taiwan. Most rides within the city will be less than NT$200 and you are not expected to tip.

How much is taxi from Taipei airport to city?

To get from Taipei airport to city will cost you a flat rate of NT$1000. I would recommend using the airport MRT if it’s an option for your schedule since it is only NT$160 and will get you to the city much faster.

From the airport MRT station in the city, there are several taxi stands available.

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