Taipei Data Guide: City WiFi, SIM, Pocket WiFi and Google Fi

Using Google Fi In Taiwan

I’ve been using Google Fi since it was in it’s beta stages. It’s the cheapest and highest phone quality service in the United States and there are no additional fees for using data internationally.

Google Fi costs $30 USD a month plus $10/GB used. It’s incredibly easy to set up and sync with your Google accounts. Their newer phones have SIM card slots, but if you’re using Google Fi, you don’t need a SIM card to use their service!

Using Google Fi In Taiwan is a great option since I can use my same phone number while still making international calls for free. There is a small hack to the free calls.

Making international calls with Google Fi are US$0.20 per minute. But if you make your call on your computer with Google Hangouts, there is no fee!

This is my referral link to Google Fi and we both get a $20 credit if you sign up.

Free WiFi Taipei

Taipei has A LOT of free WiFi which is available for tourists!

Personally, I don’t like using public WiFi for safety reasons with my personal devices. If I do use public WiFi, I make sure I use a VPN. Google Fi has a built-in VPN so you stay secure when using public WiFi.

If you’re not in to Google Fi or public WiFi, you could pick up a Taiwan SIM card or WiFi router for cheap at the airport.

Taiwan SIM Card And WiFi Routers

At Taipei airport, you can pick up a Taiwan SIM card or pocket WiFi router for cheap.

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