Taiwan Night Market Guide

In this Taiwan Night Market guide you will learn all about how night markets work, best food in a taipei night market, what to bring to a night market and what to bring to a night market.

What is a Taiwan Night Market?

A Night Market In Taiwan is a late night market typically open from 4pm-11pm that serves up street food, shopping and games. Taiwan is famous for their many night markets and food. Several Taiwanese night market vendors have received Michelin recognition for their street food in Taiwan.

What To Bring To A Taipei Night Market?

Your appetite! Okay, you’ll need a few more things. Taipei Night Market’s are cash only. The street vendors typically don’t accept credit cards or EasyCard so you’ll have to bring cash.

You should also bring a beverage of your choice. Food vendors at Taipei night markets do not sell beverages. If you’re thirsty, you’ll have to get a drink at a convenience store, boba shop or boba stall.

It’s legal to drink beer on the street in Taiwan so you can also get a beer if you like. Just be responsible, don’t make trouble for other people and be sure to throw your trash away properly.

  • Napkins: It’s rare for food vendors to provide napkins so bring your own. If you can get the wet wipes those are even better
  • Small bag or backpack: You’ll need this to carry your night market supplies
  • Beverage: Since most vendors don’t sell drinks you should bring your own
  • Small plastic bag: Save a small plastic bag from one of your food purchases so you can use it as a trash bag as you walk around. Trash cans aren’t always available in Taiwan night markets.

Taipei Night Market Guide Tips

These are the critical night market tips that will significantly improve your Taipei night market experience:

  • Most convenience stores have a dining area in Taiwan. You are allowed to bring outside food to eat in the convenience store and making a purchase is not required. So if you want to buy delicious street food and eat at a table in an air conditioned facility, find a convenience store!
  • Make sure you know the price before making a purchase! I’m pretty sure I’ve been scammed by several Taipei night market food vendors because I don’t speak Chinese and they don’t have the price listed. I made a purchase without checking the price and it was substantially higher than what other people were paying. Watch out for this night market scam because most reputable places will have the price listed!

What To Eat At Taipei Night Market?

That depends on what you like. A majority of the food served in Taiwan Night Markets are okay. You’re paying a small amount of money for street so have realistic expectations. However, in the sea of food vendors you can find a few gems!

I’m going to be 100% honest with you and not hype you up, but there’s not really any food I would bother going to a night market to get. That’s because the Night Markets in Taiwan are incredibly crowded and it’s a hassle to go somewhere to get food just to wait in line outside.

Even though several restaurants and street food vendors in Taipei have received Michelin recognition, you may find that the recognition is inconsistent with the food. This has happened to me several times after waiting a long time in line.

Also be careful of places that have long lines and have been advertised by food channels or local TV shows. Those can have the longest lines and still be disappointing. I’m coming off as a very jaded eater, but you should still try visiting a Taipei night market once. Then try the food places I recommend and see if my judgement was right.

You will also notice at night markets in Taiwan that a lot of the food tends to repeat. You’ll see the same type of food stall several times. A lot of these food stalls you can find in the Ximen area.

The Ximen area is also crowded, but you have more options to escape from the crowd.

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