Taiwan Packing List

Taiwan Season:

It’s pretty warm in Taiwan all year-round. Air conditioning can be cold in some building or when taking the Taipei MRT. A long sleeve shirt or light jacket should do the trick.

It also rains a lot in Taiwan. You’ll need an umbrella. Most hotels or hostels should have them available for you to borrow, otherwise you can buy one in Taipei starting around NT$100.

You’ll sweat through your clothes a lot. But you still don’t have to bring too many clothes to Taiwan because there are laundromats all over the city. To do one-load of laundry expect to pay around US$5 for washing and drying.

Taiwan Travel Packing Checklist:

  • Small backpack: It’s also common to see men holding small backpacks/bags. That’s because it’s hot in Taiwan. You don’t want to have things in your pockets when you’re walking around. Trusts me, everything in your pockets will get sweaty and then you’ll have to pay people with sweaty money,
  • Long sleeve shirts: If you’re prone to bug bites, bring bug repellent! There are a lot of mosquitoes in Taiwan even in the city. I have allergic reactions to bug bites and if I get bit, my skin gets swollen. So I have to take allergy medicine to reduce the swelling. Now I always wear pants and long sleeve shirts in Taiwan.
  • Light pants (hiking pants are great): I use long sleeve dry-fit shirts and very light hiking pants to keep me protected from Mosquitoes.
  • Walking/Running Shoes: These are important because you will walk a lot in Taiwan. The public transportation is easy to use so you won’t need a car or to take Uber.

What To Buy When You Get To Taiwan

  • Umbrella
  • Insect Repellent

Souvenirs To Buy In Taiwan:

  • Pineapple cake. You can get the adult version for your coworkers.
  • That’s it. Don’t buy too many souvenirs and enjoy your trip. But if you do, go to Taipei City Mall for the best deals on souvenirs especially since it’s right by the airport MRT.