Taiwan’s Secret Raccoon Cafe

Wash Coffee
(Touching感溫甜點咖啡by 穿越九千公里交給你)


Wash Coffee (Touching感溫甜點咖啡by 穿越九千公里交給你) is a Raccoon cafe located in the southern area of Taipei, Taiwan. It’s called Wash Coffee because you can do your laundry there while hanging out for a coffee or just playing with raccoons.


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Hang out

Wash Coffee (Touching感溫甜點咖啡by 穿越九千公里交給你) Review

I lived a few blocks from Wash Coffee (Touching感溫甜點咖啡by 穿越九千公里交給你) for 2 months and had no idea there was a raccoon cafe in Taipei! If you called it Coon Coffee, I probably would have looked into why.

Operating Hours

Wash Coffee (Touching感溫甜點咖啡by 穿越九千公里交給你) is open weekdays from 12:30pm-10pm and opens at 11:30am on weekends. A majority of boutique coffee shops in Taipei will open later in the day around noon.

I was wondering why the cafes opened up later and stayed open very late, but since this was a college area, a majority of their business comes from college students. Since most classes take place in the morning, the cafes are a place for students to hang out and study after class…hence the later operating hours.

If you’re looking to get coffee in the morning, your best bet are the chain shops like Starbucks, Louisa Coffee, Dante Coffee and even convenience stores.

Getting in

Upon arriving at Wash Coffee (Touching感溫甜點咖啡by 穿越九千公里交給你), it didn’t look like the pictures I saw online. They had recently completed a renovation so the space looked much different. That didn’t matter to me, I was there to see the raccoons…and there were 2 of them!

I guess Wash Coffee (Touching感溫甜點咖啡by 穿越九千公里交給你) would be classified as an animal cafe in Taipei. They have 2 (very well-fed) raccoon and 1 super well groomed cat. But if you searched animal cafes in Taipei, this place would not show up.

Technically, there is no admission fee to enter the cafe, but you will have to order a beverage. Most drinks for tea, coffee or alcohol start around NT$160 ($5USD). They have wifi, laundry machines and animals so it’s a pretty comfortable space to hang out for a few hours.

On The Menu

The menu at this animal cafe in Taipei is mostly in Chinese. An English menu is not available, but they do have a few coffee and alcohol drinks listed in English (probably 20% of their menu). The Chinese menu has many more options and they serve food.

On my visit, we ordered black tea. One iced and one hot for a grand total of NT$390 ($13USD). That’s a lot! I typically pay NT$25 for an iced black tea at a breakfast restaurant or NT$10 if I buy the same drink at a convenience store. BUT, of course they made fresh black tea.

The iced black tea was bad. They used this low calorie sugar along the rim of the glass and presented the drink like a margarita. I did not enjoy the low-calorie sugar along the rim of the glass or the taste. Inside the black tea were a few flower petals. I’m not sure if they were edible but drinking them was almost unavoidable. The black tea did not have this issue and was much more enjoyable.

The Animals

If you want to take pictures and get up close with the raccoons, you can! The raccoons had their own large room. I didn’t know this, but raccoons are a lot like cats! They eat cat food, use a litter box and are pretty smart!

You could tell the raccoons really wanted to get out or have some kind of playtime. The raccoons have sharp teeth and aren’t completely domesticated, so your experience may vary. Additionally, they are pretty fat and don’t move that fast.

In the public area of the cafe, they also have a very well-groomed cat that wanders around the facility and like to take naps on the couch.

Wash Coffee (Touching感溫甜點咖啡by 穿越九千公里交給你) Menu And Additional Photos

Overall Impression of Wash Coffee (Touching感溫甜點咖啡by 穿越九千公里交給你)

It’s very unique to see this animal cafe in Taipei since no one else has raccoons. I felt a little bad for the raccoon because they definitely wanted to get out of their room, but there’s nowhere to go since they won’t survive in the urban streets of Taiwan. As for the tea, I’ll probably avoid it and get something else next time…maybe food?

Wash Coffee (Touching感溫甜點咖啡by 穿越九千公里交給你) Location

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