Woosa Pancake Cafe: The Best Cafe in Taipei

woosaパンケーキ 屋莎鬆餅屋




woosaパンケーキ 屋莎鬆餅屋 Review

5/5 Overall
5/5 Food
5/5 Service
3/5 Value

You’ll normally find a 2-hour wait just to get seated on the weekend at woosaパンケーキ 屋莎鬆餅屋. There’s a reason why this place is so popular in a city with an abundance of restaurants, it’s really good.

To grab a table at woosaパンケーキ 屋莎鬆餅屋, you just have to ask the hostess. If you want to make reservations for woosaパンケーキ 屋莎鬆餅屋 in advance, that’s available during weekdays only and can be made in person or by calling. The reservation system is in Chinese, but you can get by with English. They’ll ask for your phone number, this is so they can text you your reservation number.

When you get the text, you’ll see a digital reservation system with your current place in line. If you scroll past your reservation, you’ll see the Woosa menu which is available in Chinese (Traditional Mandarin), Japanese and English.

When I asked for my reservation at Woosa in Taipei, there were 30 reservations ahead of me with an estimated wait time of 90-120 minutes. It took about 100 minutes to get a table.

Service: woosaパンケーキ 屋莎鬆餅屋

When waiting for your table, there’s only 2 dedicated seats next to the hostess stand. Take this opportunity to walk around Q-Square mall. When your table is ready, they give you 10 minutes to take your table, so you can’t be too far away.

I’d recommend looking around Taipei City Mall for 30-60 minutes then coming back to Q-Square mall for your reservation.

If you don’t have a local cell phone number, you can still get a reservation but will have to keep checking back in for your reservation. The best way to experience.

Food: woosaパンケーキ 屋莎鬆餅屋

4/5 NT$300 Eggs Benedict With Crab Meat
It was perfectly made eggs Benedict with a liquid egg yolk that engulfed the English muffin and crab meat once you cut into it. The taste wasn’t anything too surprising, but it was a nice twist to have it with some quality crab meat.

4/5 NT$310 Wagyu Double Cheeseburger
The burger was delicious, the only issue was that the portion was a little smaller than what you’d expect for a gourmet burger. The twist is that they put A LOT of freshly melted cheese on it. I don’t think it made the burger much better, but I really enjoyed the burger without the addition of cheese.

The beef was juicy and seasoned perfectly. They used classic American cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and thousand island dressing. It was like an ultra-premium version of a Taipei In-N-Out burger.

5/5 NT$290 Chazuke-Don With Seared Sea Bass in Provence Tomato Sauce
This was my first time trying Chazuke-Don and it was amazing! It’s a rice bowl topped with super tender sea bass with a soup that your pour into the bowl.

We were kindly advised by the servers to first try the Chazuke-Don without the soup, then to try it with the soup. I’m glad we listened! Without the soup, the Chazuke-Don tasted like an Italian risotto but very salty with a strong flavor. I liked that taste already, but it was a little too strong.

After adding the tomato soup to the Chazuke-Don, it rocket launched experience of the meal to a more balanced one. The rice held it’s shape and didn’t get too soggy. The flavor was perfectly balanced with a mixture of different textures that is very difficult to describe since I’ve never had something like it before.

The only issue I had was that the sea bass had (just a few) small bones in it. I was eating too fast because the chazuke-don at woosaパンケーキ 屋莎鬆餅屋 was insanely delicious. It’s like soup just perfectly fused with risotto.

5/5 NT$260 Pancake with Honey Vanilla Ice Cream
Since woosaパンケーキ 屋莎鬆餅屋 is known as a “pancake cafe,” you absolutely have to try their specialty, right?
I already had a lot of food but I saved the best for last! The pancakes were soooooo soft and fluffy that you didn’t even have to chew it.

There was a storm of hot, cold and room temperature toppings on the dish. The pancakes were hot and fluffy and covered in an even fluffier honey butter sauce.Then you have your cold vanilla ice cream (standard). Butter and syrup was also available on the plate. You could eat everything on this plate with just a spoon!

I don’t often have pancakes, but there were probably the best pancakes I’ve ever had. The portion size was perfect too. For reference, I also had the Japanese souffle pancakes from Cafe Gram which I thought were good, but woosaパンケーキ 屋莎鬆餅屋 takes it to a whole new level of deliciousness.

Value: woosaパンケーキ 屋莎鬆餅屋

The prices you pay at woosaパンケーキ 屋莎鬆餅屋 are about average for what you’d pay at any nice cafe in Taipei. There is a 10% service charge on top of everything you order, but it’s totally worth it.

Service: woosaパンケーキ 屋莎鬆餅屋

The service was incredibly observant! When we were running low on water, they replaced it without asking. The servers at woosaパンケーキ 屋莎鬆餅屋 saw that we had dirty plates when switching between dishes and replaced it immediately.

We made a special request for our meal. Since we ordered the famous pancakes, we wanted that to arrive towards the end of our meal so we could have it as dessert. When we were close to finishing our main course, the server came by and asked if we were ready for the pancakes at the perfect timing.

They anticipated the needs of the customers perfectly, were very polite and helpful!

woosaパンケーキ 屋莎鬆餅屋 Menu And Additional Photos

Overall Impression of Woosa Cafe Taipei

I waited 100 minutes to have a meal at woosaパンケーキ 屋莎鬆餅屋 台北京站店 (in Q-Square Mall) and it was absolutely worth the wait. For food this good, waiting isn’t a problem, but I’d definitely go with making a reservation during a weeknight.

woosaパンケーキ 屋莎鬆餅屋 Location

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